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Having to look for a legal defender is always a tedious task. Do you think that you might need a support lawyer who can help you out with your divorce proceedings? If this is indeed so, we would like to welcome you to Law Offices of Marianne F. Skipper. Our Petaluma, CA located law firm will help you with any marriage settlement agreements and much more. Established by Marianne F. Skipper, our law firm will gladly provide you with the legal help you need – do not miss your chance to benefit from our services!

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

What makes Law Offices of Marianne F. Skipper different than any other spousal support attorney provider is the fact that we will be capable of helping you, and to do so, we will go out of our way to make sure that you are represented fairly and professionally. Whether you need the help of a reliable divorce lawyer or a legal defender that can help you with a personal injury case, you can rely on our law office!

We always make an extra effort and never make compromises with the amount of work that needs to be done – when our specialists undertake a task, they always check the facts prior to proceeding with the next step. If you have been in an accident, if someone assaulted you, if you need to get those divorce papers done quickly, then you have definitely come to the right place – we will provide you with the family law lawyer you need! Do you wish to receive a professional consultation? Give our Petaluma, CA office a call today, and we will be delighted to help you out!

The content and information on this site have been provided for general information purposes, as to inform the public about the services provided by our office. It is by no means a legal advice on any law issues!

Client’s Testimonial

After my wife cheated on me for the second time, I decided that enough was enough. I was deeply hurt but still had to get my affairs in order. The first thing I wanted to do was hire a law firm that could help me with everything, and after looking online for a few minutes, I came across your law firm. Thank you for being by my side!

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