Top-Rated Divorce Lawyer in Petaluma, CA

Ending a marriage is a downright stressful experience. It is not only stressful but also costly. It somehow breaks your bank. At Law Offices of Marianne F. Skipper, you’d be spared from your marital distresses with the top-rated legal services by a competent attorney, who is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to advocate for your rights. Based in Petaluma, CA, we have a divorce lawyer who is adept with divorce cases and proceedings. If your marriage is on the rocks, you’ve come to the right page.

We are not only knowledgeable about legal laws and legislation that are useful for your case, but we have also placed an emphasis on managing emotional stress and other complexities which may come along with the divorce.

Family-related legal issues are complicated, especially a divorce. It entails much paperwork and there are pressing matters involved like the legal separation, children’s custody, and division of assets. It is a rather grueling process which needs an amicable settlement of both parties. Our divorce lawyer will go over the process and sees to it that both parties are cooperative amidst separation and ill-feelings. We provide resolution to the legal matters you are struggling with no matter how profound and complex is the process. There is no work that is too much for us as we have a commitment to serving our valued clients conscientiously.

Dissolution. We can help you in settling your possessions and belongings during your divorce. We manage the paperwork so you can focus on yourself. We acknowledge that divorce is one of the lowest points in a person’s life. We always have our client’s best interest in mind.

Child support and custody. If you were a couple with children, we will help you seek or determine the custody of the kids. Seeking child support and settling it in court is also our forte. Visitation is also a matter included in the custody. The time to which the children would be on both parties will also be defined.

If you need the legal services of a professional divorce lawyer, Law Offices of Marianne F. Skipper is the law firm you can trust. We firmly believe in the value of justice and truth. We have the compassion and empathy for our valued clients and we are committed to delivering excellent service. If you are near or located at Petaluma, CA, you can pay us a visit today for a consultation or dial (707) 658-4566 for more information.

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