Essential Tips in Negotiating Marriage Settlement Agreements

The Road to a Difficult Divorce Process: Rightfully Handling Finances  

No one likes to have their marriage broken, but stuff happens and we all just have to deal with the fact that life goes on no matter what. You just have to overcome the pain and start anew despite how difficult it is. The first step of moving on is to manage your finances through marriage settlement agreements. In fact, maintaining your financial security will be one of the most important considerations when facing divorce especially if you have children and will fight for custody.

To help you with this long and arduous process, here are the essential tips to take note when negotiating for your settlements:

Leave your emotions at the door of the negotiating room

Marriage settlement agreements are deemed messy and emotional. To make your own settlement less dragging and not emotionally draining, it is important to remain your composure throughout the agreement. You have to remember that what’s done is done. No matter how hard your lamentations are, you cannot fix what’s broken. Hence, keep in mind the main purpose of why you agreed to enter into a settlement agreement. Push back those tears now, we don’t want to go home empty handed, do we?

Understand clearly the specifics of support

Once you gain composure, start reading the draft agreement. If possible, hire a lawyer to guide you about the legalities of the agreement, but remember to stand ground and don’t let your lawyer take over. It’s your marriage that’s broken not your lawyer’s, remember that.

Know your best and worst alternatives to a negotiated agreement

If you decide to hire a lawyer, good for you! But if you didn’t hire one, it is important to scrutinize the whole agreement provision by provision. Let your other spouse present the good and bad side of the provisions. Furthermore, do not hesitate to voice out your disagreement with a provision but make sure you provide your reason for disagreeing.

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