Get Expert Assistance in Drafting Marriage Settlement Agreements!

Are you having problems trying to come up with compromised marriage settlement agreements? We have the right solution to your legal dilemma. Here at Law Offices of Marianne F. Skipper, we can help you get favorable settlements arising from civil disputes. We are one of the most relied-on law firms in Petaluma, CA. If you want to hire a brilliant and experienced lawyer to handle your civil case, then you should book our legal services.

Why Have Lawyers Handle Civil Disputes?

General civil litigation covers several legal disputes involving two or more parties seeking actual or moral damages or to order or compel the other party to perform a particular obligation, such as in cases of specific performance. What makes a civil case different from a criminal one is that the former does not intend to impose criminal sanctions, such as detention or imprisonment, on the other party. However, you need to have a brilliant lawyer to help you understand the intricacies of the case, such as the procedural aspects of civil cases. For instance, in the case of marriage settlement agreements, it is pertinent that both parties and their counsels agree on the terms and must be present during the deliberations.

Why Choose Our Firm?

If you’re looking for competitive, knowledgeable, and experienced civil litigation lawyers, you should choose our law firm. First, our firm will designate a lawyer to handle your civil case. They have profound knowledge and experience with different types of civil cases, such as annulment of marriages, child custody cases, collection of a sum of money cases, and many more. We can help you draft marriage settlement agreements with favorable terms. Then your designated lawyer will discuss to you the dynamics of your case and whether or not there is a valid cause of action. Second, we will help you find the most favorable legal remedy and help you gather evidence to help establish your claim. And lastly, our attorney’s fees are affordable and reasonable.

So book the services of Law Offices of Marianne F. Skipper if you want to get reliable legal services. Our office is located in Petaluma, CA. Call us now through this number (707) 658-4566.

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