The Common Questions That Arise When Seeking Spousal Support

Moving on and Letting Go: The Guide to Alimony After Divorce  

Aside from death, divorce is such a painful process. The person you once thought you will be spending forever together is now just a part of painful memory. Of course, putting blames will never help as no person will enter a marriage expecting it to fail. Hence, it will be best to move on and get past through the said painful process. But a part of moving on is to keep in check the rights you are entitled even if the marriage became a failure, such as getting financial support. In brief, spousal support is that amount of money given to the other spouse to equal the standard of living they once both enjoyed before entering into the marriage. To help those spouses with the process of getting their financial support, here are some questions to guide you:

What factors should determine whether I can get spousal support?

Eligibility to get alimony basically depends upon the law of the state where you are residing and upon the decision of the judge handling your case. But in general, factors such as length of the marriage, the income of the seeking spouse, and fault or misconduct committed by the other spouse shall be taken into consideration.

Will I still get financial support if my ex-partner retires?

Another common question for those spouse seeking alimony concerns about what happens to their alimony when their ex-partner retires. To answer this question, retirement may mean the end of providing alimony for the other spouse. Eligibility for retirement is at the age of 65. Once the supporting spouse reaches such age, he or she may give a reason to not provide further support since he or she is not expected to work anymore. There can be an exception if the court sees that the ex-partner is still able to support the other spouse according to factual circumstances.

My ex-spouse is about to re-marry, will this affect my financial support?

To answer this question, yes. Alimony ends once the supporting spouse remarries. It hurts but yes, what can you do?

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