Tips to Arrive at Mariage Settlement Agreements Before Going to Your Attorney

Want Your Divorce to Be as Amicable as Possible?  

Today we at Law Offices of Marianne F. Skipper are going to look more in-depth at marriage settlement agreements, and what you should do and not do. So let us begin!

  1. If there is something you don’t quite understand, do not sign. This is extremely important, and can often be easily overlooked. It is all too easy to sign your name on the dotted line when you just want it to be over and to be finally stress-free. However, take your time and read and fully understand all points that are made in this document.
  2. Getting the bigger picture. When one is married, their entire life will be built together so it is vital to note that every aspect of said life whether it is “yours” or your spouses.” Such things as mutual or individual debt, investments, property, bank accounts, mortgages, savings, benefits, vehicles, retirements, and more must be written and discussed in detail with regards to what you have and will have once everything has been agreed upon.
  3. Consider taxes and the future. When it comes time to negotiating terms, try not to think of the immediate future, just post-divorce, for example, how much will your income be when you are alone? How will your income be when you pay child support? Remember to factor in taxes to your financial decision. This part is important, as it can change how much you get or give depending on the actual circumstances.
  4. Consider emotions and bitterness. Some divorces can be painful, angering, and sad. However, you may feel, intense emotions will come up and cloud your judgment when it comes to negotiations. When your feelings are too intense, take breaks and ask yourself if you need to reevaluate the agreement without the help of an attorney?

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