What Does a Family Law Lawyer Do?

Confused about All the Lawyers Available?  

A family law lawyer oversees legal issues between people that have a familial relationship. People that can be represented by such a lawyer range from wives to children, husbands, guardians, grandparents, and even domestic partners. They could perform various legal issues, like divorces, premarital and post-marital agreements, and they could also take on cases that will involve child custody, support, and alimony. Other legal situations which this kind of lawyer will represent are adoption, visitation rights, paternity issues and juvenile delinquency.

Divorces and legal separations can also be issues which a family law lawyer will oversee. On behalf of their clients, they could divide marital property, settle custody issues, allocate money for child support or alimony, and set visitation rights out. However, the other party involved will have their own attorney that will work on exactly the same issues. If these are not settled, they will be taken to a judge. The judge will then issue a final order, to decide these factors.

Even though many people use an attorney when their relationship turns sour, a lawyer can help people that are going through good times too. Like when a couple is looking to adopt a child, there are a few steps which must be undertaken in order to make an adoption legal. The laws on this do vary in most areas, and they could also vary depending upon to the age of the child. In some areas, the birth parents of the child could have given up all their rights; however, in other areas, they could retain a small amount of their rights.

Sometimes, a family attorney will make documents to avoid any future issues. Such as drawing up prenuptial agreements, which sets out how assets are going to be divided if a divorce occurs. Other people want to draw up a postnuptial agreement, which will state how assets will be divided, plus any child custody and visitation rights. All greatly depending upon the level of expertise of the lawyer in question, they could also set a trust fund up in the name of the child or spouse too.

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